What others are saying


“I attended a presentation by Isabelle Baille On the subject “ Professional training Reform” The first speaker a lawyer presented the legal aspect and the new laws put into effect. Isabelle Baille gave us a vision on what that implies from a professional perspective. We discussed together the career prospects and the need for training to evolve and to develop a professional project. The discussion was very rich and informative and in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Thank you Isabelle for her proposal”

Nathalie CLERICI

“In a very pleasant atmosphere Isabelle Baille brought a new dynamic to our team with regard to the new vision for professional training. A pleasant workshop, sharing information, an interactive approach, useful applicable tools…. All Good… “

Laurent MAUREL
Sales Manager “Toyota”

“Professional training reform in companies was the discussion held on July 7th. It was pleasant, informative and interactive. The professional present needed more precise information concerning the reform. The interactive discussion dealt with several points to be clarified according to the law implemented on March 5th 2014 and discussed solutions to problems brought up by the participants. A great initiative by Isabelle Baille who combined both professionalism and pleasure. To be repeated.”

Frédérique COLLARD
Specialist in social law “Cabinet Boumendil Consultants”

“The law implemented on March 5th 2014 got companies to reconsider their managerial tools and the policy for employee training. EFE the leading organisation for training employees questioned the benefits of this new law and how to take advantage of professional opportunities. To apply the new law we worked with Isabelle Baille, a consultant in Human Resources from Isabelle Baille Consulting and a trainer for EFE. She has over 20 years of experience working for an international company as personnel manager for recruitment and training.
This event was acknowledged by almost 20 participants who were very satisfied with the presentation given by Isabelle Baille and the perspective and solutions she offered.”



“As I gave up my restaurant I was very confused about my future career. I wanted to move into the win business but I was not sure about the market or what exactly I wanted. In a few coaching sessions with Isabelle Baille I was able to gain clarity and define my professional objective. I was able to redefine my professional goals and to see my professional future in a new light with new opportunities which I hadn’t seen before or totally ignored. A new idea came up during one of our coaching sessions and I was then able to find a new job in the win business where I feel very satisfied doing this job.”

Sylvain COHEN
Director “Le Bistrot Bouvreuil”

“Like many directors in TPE solitude is a main issue as well as have a 360° job working in sales, production, human resources,finance… The coaching session with Isabelle Baille allowed me to better manage my stress in different situations. Through her coaching and her support I was able to improve the management of my company.”

Director “Framatech”

“Through coaching I was able to develop the art of holding a productive meeting and having a good relationship with the members of my team. Thanks to Isabelle Baille’s professional and human approach as well as her efficiency in coaching. Our coaching sessions were rich both professionally and personally.”

Director “GRC Contact”


“Isabelle Baille’s training is efficient due to her global approach in handling problems both professionally and personally.

Very often we accumulate problems and become overwhelmed. Isabelle Baille is not only a good listener but also brings many tools and techniques which can be used over time.

During my first coaching session with her i was faced with a complex situation. She took me through each step in resolving this issue. We worked on the question of personal development, work life balance, self confidence. Today I am more in alignment with my core values and have a better sense of who I am. I wish this human approach would be more developed in the professional world. This would resolve many interpersonal problems and the lack of motivation at work.”


“As an engineering student I had a 7 days communication workshop with Isabelle Baille. During this workshop I appreciated how she uses her professional experience to serve others. She uses her communication strengths to have a dynamic and interactive workshop.”

Philippe NEDDU
Engineer “ST Microelectronics”

“The communication training with Isabelle Baille enabled me to improve my communication skills. From a practical standpoint I’ve been able to apply her advise on better listening, assertiveness skills, job interview skills, negotiations skills and running effective meeting skills. This workshop has allowed me to be more efficient and competent in all of these areas.”

Engineer “Airbus Helicopters”

“Thank you Isabelle for your empathy and professionalism in doing an elaborate job. Your theory and method were immediately applicable for me. I was able to answer many questions concerning my job as the training manager. I developed a global vision on professional training in companies.”

Training Manager “Citelum”

“Isabelle allowed me to gain clarity concerning a management problem by opening up to other in my team and better understanding the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.”

Barnabé FALLU
Associate Engineer “CHILLANDBOOBS”


“After the take over of this company i realized that Human Resources and personnel were not managed. The context was difficult due to the past. I took on Isabelle Baille to analyse the problem and to make recommendations. She became involved in the operational running of the company. She put in place employee profiles, took on recruitment of employees, job interviews, annual employee appraisals. She also found an accounting agency for handling the payroll. She also put in place other operational tools, updating company manual, updating internal regulations manual, paid holiday files. She help with choosing the training companies and gave advise in handling many difficult files. I am very satisfied with isabelle expertise and would highly recommend her.”

Fabrice ANIEL
Director “E.C & T”


“As a student in Logistic and Transport I decided to work with Isabelle Baille as my coach who helped me in making the right choices and taking the right decisions while facing a complex professional context. Through coaching I was able to find solution which i wouldn’t have been able to find on my own or only after making mistakes and therefore losing time. Her experience, competence and different methods for personal development were all very helpful in finding the right solution which I couldn’t find on my own. Thank you.”

Brice M

“As a job seeker I had the opportunity to meet Isabelle. Working together was very beneficial especially in terms of personal development. Understanding and knowing who I am to be better at finding a job and defining my career path is what i took away from her coaching. I would not only recumbent her for job seekers but for all those who are seeking to move forward in life and with their goals. All the answers are inside you but then again how can you bring them out. With the help of a coach and of course Isabelle.”