Over 20 years of experience working in high profile jobs in the human resources department for an international company. After handling various missions I am now able to offer my practical expertise in the field of human resources.


  • Working alone as a sole proprietor, working with an accountant, very little time and not an expert in human resources,
  • You’ve got a human resources person who lacks the time to focus on certain aspect of human resources that are important for the company,
  • You have important human resources projects but no one specialized in this field to assist you,
  • You are confronted with a delicate situation such as lay off, maternity leave, work accident, take over. I will assist you in handling the change and adapting to the new working environment, reorganization, company purchase.


  • Redefining and updating job description,
  • How to set up working objectives for employees,
  • For career advancement the human resources director must refer to the collective convention agreement for employee performance. This is a delicate matter and I can assist you in handling such task,
  • Setting up the recruitment process: job offers, interviews, contracts, etc,
  • Annual performance appraisal, internal regulations manual for managers and employees,
  • 2 and 6 year performance appraisal,
  • Maximizing employees potential and putting their strengths to work,
  • Special work schedules, special bonuses: putting in place the agreements which are compatible with the law.


“After the take over of this company i realized that Human Resources and personnel were not managed. The context was difficult due to the past. I took on Isabelle Baille to analyse the problem and to make recommendations. She became involved in the operational running of the company. She put in place employee profiles, took on recruitment of employees, job interviews, annual employee appraisals. She also found an accounting agency for handling the payroll. She also put in place other operational tools, updating company manual, updating internal regulations manual, paid holiday files. She help with choosing the training companies and gave advise in handling many difficult files. I am very satisfied with isabelle expertise and would highly recommend her.”

Fabrice ANIEL
Director “E.C & T”