Executive coaching, Both individual and group coaching

Discover the impact of coaching by listening to this coaching audio session. Isabelle Coaching one of her Executive business clients. (interview in french)

This is an anonymous recording based on the ICF confidential clause.


« Harmonizing relationships and managing with emotional intelligence »

As a professional Coach : Isabelle Baille is a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation) and applies the ICF coaching practices. ICF has existed for 20 years and is present in 18 countries. As a certified coach with over 1000 coaching hours and 24 years of experience as human resources training manager, recruitment, Personnel manager for an international company. See biography..


« Being who you are in all situations »


  • Promoted as manager and not at ease with previous working relationships,
  • Promoted as manager and under constant supervision of other employees,
  • More and more responsibilities and less and less resources to get the job done, How do I delegate effectively,
  • Conflictual relationship at work and with management, How do I avoid conflictual situations ?
  • How to face up to professional obstacles ?
  • Difficulties to inform the team about changes at work,
  • Need to develop my leadership initiative to better lead the team to succeed.


Un entretien individuel pour :

  • Finding new solutions to move forward with your goals and upgrading professional skills,
  • Expressing your vision, your ambitions and project goals and developing strategies to implement them,
  • Resolving unusual problems and taking distance to the problem,
  • Taking daily action steps which are consistent with your values,
  • Giving meaning to personal and professional goals,
  • Adapting your management style according to the change of environment.


« Collective Spirit »


  • Everyone has his own vision and it is difficult to find a group vision, objective or common goal to be more efficient,
  • Demotivated team members. How to improve motivation and commitment as well as responsibilities of all team members,
  • Facing structural reorganization of management : How to manage the team in handing the change,
  • Difficulties in taking joint decision as a team, How to improve the decision making process ?
  • Unsatisfied collaborator who slow down the process : How to deal with this situation ?


Efficient and effective coaching in 3 simple steps :

  • Analyzing the working context: Individual interviews to understand the dynamics of the team using ( ENSISE Test)
  • Analyzing the results : Individual feedback on strengths and weaknesses. Developing the communication and coherence of the team. Transmitting the results to the boss.
  • Action step : Presenting the results to the team and the strategies for interpersonal communication. Team simulation to identify the individual creativity and the effective operation of the team within the company ( Role Playing SimulationTool)

Decisional Coaching based on listening skills and individual respect.

This coaching can be adapted according to the situation and the need of the individuals in the team, as well as the context and the budget.

My strengths : simplicity as the driving force to develop a better understanding.

Coaching Start ups and Take over of a company : Developing your full potential

« Creating your model for success »


  • Stepping out of my comfort zone, I’m reluctant,
  • Developing my own company which is challenging given the actual context,
  • The context is important but also risky.


  • Understanding the importance of this activity,
  • Coaching on what you’d like to change,
  • Understanding what you need to accomplish this project,
  • Facing the solitude of a one man business.


« Comfortable with handling change »


  • Difficulty in giving up or passing on responsibilities,
  • Unable to detach myself from the company.


  • Understanding the importance of the transition,
  • Progressive transitional coaching,
  • Developing a relationship with the new business owner.


“As I gave up my restaurant I was very confused about my future career. I wanted to move into the win business but I was not sure about the market or what exactly I wanted. In a few coaching sessions with Isabelle Baille I was able to gain clarity and define my professional objective. I was able to redefine my professional goals and to see my professional future in a new light with new opportunities which I hadn’t seen before or totally ignored. A new idea came up during one of our coaching sessions and I was then able to find a new job in the win business where I feel very satisfied doing this job.”

Sylvain COHEN
Director “Le Bistrot Bouvreuil”

“Like many directors in TPE solitude is a main issue as well as have a 360° job working in sales, production, human resources,finance… The coaching session with Isabelle Baille allowed me to better manage my stress in different situations. Through her coaching and her support I was able to improve the management of my company.”

Director “Framatech”